The Bluegrass Trio “Borderline”
Borderline plays Bluegrass music with an unbelievable amount of passion and excitement. Combined with a very professional delivery, their tight harmonies and hard-driving instrumentals are their trademark. They have been described as one of the hottest Bluegrass bands in the Northeast.
Bob Sutor has been playing 5-String banjo for over thirty five years and is a band member at the American Music Theater. Bob is known for his hot banjo solos and creative playing in overdrive.
Terry Sutor’s exceptional voice has the power for that high lonesome sound in traditional bluegrass, as well as lilting softness for ballads or gospel.  
Bob Harris is a jaw-dropping guitar wizard and an international flat-picking champion who for 10 years performed with the great Vassar Clements.
Borderline has just released a new CD called “Unleashed”. For bookings call: 267-994-1765 or e-mail at: rsutor23@verizon.net